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Business Ground Group

30 years experience

Business Ground Group is the number one and most experienced Iraqi company specialized in organizing conferences and exhibitions, being active in the international trade fair business for some 30 years, it is now the exclusive organizer of many Iraqi Government’s official and annual events that aims to bring technology to this country through these international exhibitions, yet Business Ground work is absolutely not exclusive to the government and has a rich history in organizing private events.

We out reach

the market horizons by building prosperity avenues that connect business focal points and reinforce market growth in all directions benefiting a wide range of sectors, including General Information Technology, Healthcare, Construction, Industry, Oil & Gas Energy, General trade, Education, and Logistics

As for the current circumstances we feel obligated to correct the blurry image that accompanies the economy and investments in Iraq and improve the national economy by spotting the light on the great efforts that’s been made in this direction and try to attract as many modern innovations and products as possible that will benefit and serve the national economy, and encourage international companies and countries to break the hesitation barriers and overcome the obstacles that accompany the entry of the international capitals and businessmen to Iraq, through carefully coordinated facilitation measures.

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