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About partnerships

add the effective touch to our work. We seek durable business that unleashes future opportunities through strategic international partners whether companies, associations,organizations or governmental institutions who place our work in the global market and reflect exotic experiences back to our case.The impact we make on the markets we merge are key indicators of our work scale and our success horizons. We don’t just fill business gaps, but we create leap destinations to what’s far beyond the present business picture.


Business ground group is the exclusive organizer of many Iraqi government’s official and annual events that aims to bring technology to this country , business ground group , although built a great reputation in Iraq not only by working with the governmental sectors and institutions, but also having the private sector companies internationally by developing their business inside Iraq and implementing the real and solid ground to open new vision of work inside the Iraqi markets and seizing the investment opportunities with the Iraqi government .


Al-Nabaa Group One of the Leading Technology Companies in Iraq and Middle East through their International Technology Brands and their Technological Educational Programs that serving many sectors and being one of the most effective supporters in the Iraqi Market with the most developed and modern technology through their annual participation and premium sponsorship in Business Ground Group Exhibitions and Conferences.

After selecting the exhibition, you can find all the services you need for a successful exhibiting experience.


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