Business Ground Group


The exhibition industry is a global industry which will continue to bring value to communities for years and years to come, as no technology is ever capable of replacing the interactions and …… established by the one-on-one meetings during these events. In a matter of only few days, exhibitions can set the building blocks for major companies and spark new business relationships, so we always know that we are on the edges of something unique! It’s the industry that integrates with all other industries, and acts as an undivided part of them, for each event is characterized by the industry it serves and is set to implement …… goals and changes. It’s the art of organizing that brings people together, but the rest is all left to the human nature that logs to socialize and grasps for new challenges and opportunities.


The exhibition industry in Iraq has a great potential and is growing significantly one even after another. As government are placing investment and external relations at the core of their future vision, the exhibition industry is becoming more and more of priority for both public and privet sectors, to rep its numerous benefits. As for the current circumstances we feel obligated to correct the blurry image that accompanies the economy and investments in Iraq and improve the national economy by spotting the light on the great efforts that’s been made in this direction and try to attract as many modern innovations and products as possible that will benefit and serve the national economy, and encourage international companies and countries to break the hesitation barriers and overcome the obstacles that accompany the entry of the international capitals and businessmen to Iraq, through carefully coordinated facilitation measures.


Business Ground Group is a pioneer Iraqi company in the field of international exhibitions and conferences organizing, it’s certified by the Iraqi ministry of commerce and working in cooperation with the state Company of Iraqi fairs and commercial services. With over 30 years of experience, Business Ground Group has been the exclusive organizer for many official Iraqi exhibitions and events both nationally and internationally.